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We sincerely welcome you for your visit to our Homepage

We, together with all of our employees, have exerted for development of our company sharing tender
feelings like members of a family for more than twenty years with company's motto of [Company is for
employees... Employees are for company...]

Our management ideology is [To create functions through new technology, new concept, and to be
satisfied together with customers with excellent quality].

We, as a manufacturer of diamond tools who developed Dia Flexible Pad first in the country in 1990, are
devoting ourselves to develop technology with unlimited pride.

We are concentrating on creative research by establishing technology research center and we promise
you to return to you, our customers with good quality by establishing quality control and production
management system through ISO 9001 certificate.

I, together with all of our 20 employees will serve customers with excellent product and competitive price thinking always our customers.

Through opportunity to meet Kest Diatools, we hope you to succeed a good business and we request you to instruct and encourage us unlimitedly in the future.

We will always exert our best effort for you, our customers.
Thank you

President Willy Min